Big Shock! Sophie’s Mad At Me…Again!

The 3 hardest things in the world to predict:


1. Jury decisions.

2. What aging rock stars will sleep with.

3. How the woman you love will react to your most innocent action or comment.

Only a woman can feed the rose blossoms of your heart through the meat grinder of her brain and extrude the foulest sausage.

72386_JPG_by_ClipartOfcomSofe, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry. For whatever I said or did or whatever I didn’t say or do that I should have said or done (It might help if you would actually TELL me instead of responding “Nothing” whenever I ask what’s wrong).

Love, Dani!


  1. Angus McDougall says:

    Cmon Sofe just tell her.

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