About Me

dani ripperNAME: Dani Ripper

JOB:  Private Investigator

AGE:  24

My ideal job is locating missing kids, but I’m having trouble getting clients, since I don’t have a lot of experience as a PI. To keep the bills paid I’ve been doing some decoy work. Suspicious wives hire me to find out if their husbands are cheaters. Engaged women hire me to see if their fiances are likely to cheat. Reporters hire me to compromise politicians. I’m not proud of this work, but it’s not any worse than IRS agents who get paid to catch tax cheats.

I don’t have sex with these men. My work is done when they turn me down or enter my hotel room. I know you didn’t ask for clarification, but I wanted you to know that so you wouldn’t get the wrong impression. I mean, I’m not a hooker.

Anyway, I’m married to Ben Davis. He’s a college professor. We’re struggling as a couple right now. Struggling enough that I sometimes interview other women to see if they might be interested in dating him. I’m ready to leave Ben, but I don’t want to go until I know he’s found a wonderful woman to replace me. Ben deserves that.

I have one best friend in the world. Her name is Sophie Alexander. She’s a country singer/songwriter. The reason you haven’t heard of her, she’s not making it as a singer. But, she’s quietly getting rich writing songs for famous recording artists.

The thing you need to know about Sophie is she’s determined to seduce me. So far we’re just best friends.



  2. LOVED this book!!! Great story, lots of twists I didn’t see coming, and sometimes laugh out loud moments! Excellent and five star worthy! Keep them coming!!

  3. Gary Rouse says:

    Great book! Cant wait until the next one

  4. Abduction and trafficking are in the news constantly and “The Girl Who Got Away” will help bring this to the attention of the mainstream. Whether fiction or not, an awareness needs to be made for all to keep a keen eye out. I just finished “Call Me” and I couldn’t put it down.

  5. Gerald Hosford says:

    Fantastic book. Keep ’em comming.

  6. hannah coates says:

    Your books are well written a d wrote with so much love and affection.
    You are definitely one of my favourite authors and I look forward to reading more of your work.

  7. I loved this book, lots of twists and turns, carry on the good work.

  8. i read call me in about 2 & half hours couldnt put it down!!! there (logically speaking!!) shouldn’t be a problem with releasing the little girl who got away if you warn potential readers its not for the faint a heart!!!

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