dani ripper, Sophie Alexander, nashville, country music, writer

Sophie rocking out her country music. Who knew?

I have one best friend in the world. Her name is Sophie Alexander. She’s a country singer/songwriter. The reason you haven’t heard of her, she’s not making it as a singer. But, she’s quietly getting rich writing songs for famous recording artists. But, every now and then she gets a singing gig at the club.


Below is a picture of my friend Dillon. He likes to be called “Captain Spaceship,” but I keep telling him that doesn’t even make sense. Dillon is 18 years old, a sugar addict, and still a virgin. He wouldn’t be a bad looking guy if he took better care of himself. Although a social misfit, he’s a total genius at hacking computers to get me the information I need to solve my cases.

dillon, captain spaceship, dani ripper, john locke

Dillon (a.k.a. “Captain Spaceship”)

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